Nuggets of Wisdom from Riding the Road

Instead of another bake sale or car wash to practice and develop leadership and teamwork skills, why not have university students do something big, bold, and memorable–something to talk about and look back on fondly for years to come?  That inspiration has resulted in a series of long-distance bicycle rides across Texas and the Great Plains states.

Time on a bicycle, especially a lot of time, is wonderful for letting your brain run, make connections, and process things that get overlooked during the course of our busy lives.  This blog tells the stories of our rides through the life lessons gained from hours in the saddle.

I’ve been a part of writing three books.  The first was done with my father and I contributed two chapters.  The second and third were born out of a series of newspaper articles that I wrote for two years.  Even as I wrote the newspaper articles, I joked that I was writing a book one page at a time.  This blog is a similar venture.

To learn more about all of our adventures, with videos, pictures, and news stories, visit our website.  After an introduction to the purpose and history of our rides, I will share the road nuggets.  Thanks for visiting the blog!


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