BRAT1: El Paso to Texarkana

The idea of a long-distance bicycle ride as a Leadership Workshop class was proposed to students in 2009, but it took until the 2012-2013 school year to find a team of adventurous individuals willing to take a huge step into the unknown and give it a try.

Without bicycles, bike racks, helmets, or other cycling gear, we were starting from scratch.  Team members also had very limited cycling experience.  Methods of forecasting and organizing had to be developed and a wide range of unfamiliar and unknown contingencies had to be thought through.  It was nearly the tenth week of a 16-week semester when things finally started pulling together.

We charted out a 865-mile route from El Paso to Texarkana.  When the day came to head out, the team left with mixed emotions–excitement and nervousness were the big ones.

Read our ride report on the website and watch the following videos to see how the BRAT1 adventure unfolded.

Ride Report: BRAT1 –

Photo Movie: Photo Movie – Miles and Miles of Texas

Video Blog: BRAT1 Video Blog

Mid-Point News Story: University News Video


BRAT1 – El Paso, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Kermit, Andrews, Abilene, Graham, McKinney, Mt. Vernon, Texarkana

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