BRAT2: Brownsville to Liberal

Even before the first ride ended, we knew that the bike ride projects had to continue.  The intensity of the experiences combined with the complexity of the project in planning and execution was what I had been searching for in a project that students could use to practice and develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

After the first ride, I bought a road bike and began learning more about the bicycles and equipment needed for future rides.  With each training and charity ride completed, I learned more about cycling technique and ways to teach it to beginning cyclists.

The success of the first ride gave us legitimacy.  It was easier to talk with prospective students and sponsors about joining and supporting us in our future rides.  We were able to purchase a bicycle through the Leadership Studies Program and added to our fleet with a loaned and donated bicycle.  We bought a three-bike, receiver hitch mounted bike rack and began a transition to cycling shoes and clipless pedals.

The first ride was the original, the second ride made the BRAT projects a movement.

Ride Report: BRAT2 —

Photo Movie: Photo Movie — On the Road Again

Video Blog: BRAT2 Video Blog


BRAT2 – Brownsville, Premont, Uvalde, Leakey (HEB), Abilene, Paducah, Wheeler, Liberal, KS

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