BRAT3: Surfside Beach to Texline

Our third ride across Texas was supposed to be our first ride to Canada.

We had charted out a wonderful route from the Gulf Coast near Orange, Texas across Louisiana to Natchez, Mississippi.  From Natchez, we planned to get on the Natchez Trace Parkway and ride it along the entire length into Tennessee.  From there, we planned to go straight up through Michigan and end in Sault Ste. Marie at the Canadian border.  We had the route and many of the details worked out for the ride, but lacked one important ingredient–total student commitment.  With four weeks before the planned departure, and with next to nothing done to secure lodging, four students dropped out of the project.

Instead of pulling the plug on the entire ride, the remaining two students quickly reconceptualized a new vision and came up with an alternative plan.  The team of two students were joined by two faculty members, three cyclist friends from McMurry University (including a nurse), and one former BRAT2 rider, and one very supportive and adventurous mother (an HSU alumna) of one of the students.  In total, we had ten people able and willing to make the ride–it just wouldn’t be a ride to Canada.

The first ride to Canada would have to wait for one more year.

Ride Report: BRAT3 — Surfside Beach to Texline

Photo Movie: Photo Movie

Music Video: BRAT3 Music Video by Tom Burnett III

Video Blog: BRAT3 Video Blog

BRAT3 route

BRAT3 – Surfside Beach, La Grange, Belton, Brownwood, Abilene, Jayton, Plainview, Vega, Texline


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