Take a picture, it will last longer

The good part about getting older is you stop trying to prove anything to anyone, including yourself. All you are in the pursuit of is collecting experiences – beautiful, fragile little soap bubbles that you store in your heart, and every once in a while you pull one out and gaze at the delicate pictures it shows you.
– Twinkle Khanna

The older I get, and the easier it is to take and create videos, the more that I appreciate having pictures and videos to relive important and memorable things.  Storing memories in your brain, which by design has a hard time remembering details, is not the best way to preserve exact experiences–and which often differ from those of others because of things that caught their attention and different perspectives.  Brain memories also cannot be shared with others.

Pictures can capture moments seen by the eyes.  They are snapshots (literally) of one point in time of a bigger experience.  Videos can tell more of a story and engage memories seen by the eyes and collected by the ears.  I find that my recall of past events is stronger when watching videos.  BRAT videos help to bring back the feelings, emotions, and states of mind at different points on our rides.

As our rides have continued, my video making skills have evolved.  We usually have a Facebook group of family members and friends who follow us while we are out on our rides.  It is important that we keep our followers updated on our progress and let them know we’re safe and sound each night.

As my video making skills have improved, I’ve found it fun and helpful to make daily video blogs throughout our rides.  They allow our followers to get a glimpse into what we saw and experienced each day and share our journey with them from afar.  The videos also serve as a wonderful reminders of our trips after the rides are done.

YouTube playlist:  BRAT Video Blogs

The daily video blogs also serve as a great source of footage for the (incredibly important) music videos from each ride.  All of our videos have been helpful to remind us of the details of our rides, ways to share the rides with others, and useful tools for recruiting new cyclists for upcoming rides.  Our videos have become just as much a part of our BRAT adventures as our bikes and gear.

YouTube playlist:  BRAT Music Videos

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