“Tucker: The Man and His Dream” is a great movie.  I have shown it to my leadership and management students over the years as a way to connect the concepts of entrepreneurship, creativity, optimism, innovation, charisma, and teamwork.  Unfortunately, it also gives warnings about unethical behavior and ugliness of power and politics.  It shows what can be possible with an indomitable will and drive to succeed.  The movie was based on the true story of Preston Tucker.

In one of the final scenes of the film, which takes place in a courtroom during Tucker’s trial for fraud and corruption, Preston Tucker gets to deliver the closing remarks to the jury.  As part of the closing, he had arranged for the 50 automobiles that his company produced to park on the streets around the courthouse.  To prove his innocence against the charges against him, he asked the jurors to simply get up and look outside the windows of the courtroom and see the automobiles.  If they could see the automobiles, they would known that he had done what was expected of him and that he was not guilty of fraud.  The case could have ended there and then.  Unfortunately, there was a legal technicality that prohibited the jurors from doing so–they had to take his word without actually seeing the evidence for themselves.

At the end of film, the jurors got to sit in and take rides in the actual cars.  The people looked elated.  The cars were revolutionary for their day–they possessed features that would later become standard for automobiles in the future.  The people and forces that that were heavily invested in the existing system of automobile manufacturing did not want Preston Tucker to succeed.  They didn’t want to change–they just wanted to keep the status quo and to continue making cars in the same old ways.

As I try to describe the power of experience-based and experiential learning opportunities to people who don’t understand them, I feel like Preston Tucker trying to get everyone to simply “look” and see for themselves.  I don’t think that I can count the number of invitations that I’ve extended to people to look at my videos, visit my social media accounts, join with us, and experience these things for yourself.  You really have to be part a Red Pill experience to truly understand.  In the meantime, take a look at my social media accounts to get a glimpse.

Leadership Studies Website

“Glimpse” is the proper word.  Someone on the outside looking in cannot possibly connect social media images and videos to the feelings, emotions,  and memories of the experiences drawn in through all of the senses.  When watching videos, be sure to look at the faces, body language, weather, surroundings, and other visual cues in each image.  Only in that way can an outside viewer possibly connect with the people in the pictures.  Only be seeing the faces and trying to put yourself in the place of the jurors who, for example, just lived through the Tucker trial, can you begin to understand their amazement with the new cars.

Just look.  Just do it.  Then you will know with certainty that what I am saying is true.


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