BRATS4: Del Rio to Grand Portage

We’re going to Canada!!!  For our fourth ride, we had to change our name from Bike Ride Across Texas (BRAT) to Bike Ride Across The States (BRATS).  After cancelling the ride to Canada in the last weeks of planning the previous year, we were not going to allow the same mistakes to occur again.

This time, we had the right combination of people who were eager to make the ride to Canada a reality.  At nearly three weeks, the ride from Del Rio to the border with Canada north of Grand Portage, Minnesota would test us and the lessons learned from our first three rides.  Of the ten people on BRAT4, four of them had completed earlier BRAT rides.

Five of the ten participants were students.  They quickly took on their planning and project responsibilities and charted out a route and secured lodging.  They worked to raise money, extra equipment, and line up promotional stories and media appearances.  This group was not going to take anything but success as the outcome of their work and dedication.

And they did it!

Ride Report: BRATS4: Del Rio to Grand Portage

Photo Movie: BRATS4 Photo Movie

Music Video: BRATS4 Music Video (one of my favorites)

Video Blog: BRATS4 Video Blog

Route 2016

BRAT4 – Mexico to Canada – Del Rio, Junction, Abilene, Seymour, Duncan, Enid, Augusta,
Clay Center, York, Watertown, New London, Brainerd, Two Harbors, Grand Marais.



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